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Thursday, 01 December 2011 11:38

Fun With Death

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The exploits of the Grim Reaper are returning...

 In 2010, a nifty little puzzle/gravity throwing game called 'Fun With Death' for the iPhone and iPad was released... 


This whimsical take on the Grim Reaper took the physics throwing gameplay that has become a staple of iPhone and iPad games and added small puzzle elements.  The game was well received by critics across the mobile game universe, and yet, you cannot find the game on the iTunes App Store.



As often happens in the game industry, the original developer closed its doors and the game was removed from the App Store as a result.


Despite strong reviews, 'Fun With Death' has languished, tucked away on a forgotten hard drive, lost to the world.

Until now!

Step into the sandals of Death - the Grim Reaper himself - an employee of Karma, Inc, Purgatory’s largest and most efficient soul processing facility.  A freak accident disrupts production and now the good souls on the up escalators to the Almighty now teeter perilously on the precipice to the Underworld.  Grab your scythe, customize your levels and then use the destructive power of your three little Imps to destroy the bad souls while protecting the good.

Fun with Death is an easy-to-learn puzzle game that puts an entirely new spin on the catapult genre.  It combines outstanding graphics, level customization and physics-based Rube-Goldberg like mayhem in 60 unique levels.  Do you have what it takes to have...

...Fun With Death




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